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The Most Maginificient Sun God Temple In Arasavalli


Surya Devalayam Arasavalli is a small town near Srikakulam near Vizag, India. This most famous Sun God Temple is said to be constructed during 7th century by Kalinga ruler Devendra Varma.

Surya DevalayamWhats most facinating about this temple is that twice every year the Sun's rays will fall directly to the feet of Sun's idol which is in the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum of a Hindu temple where resides the murti (idol) of the Sun's deity of the temple. This event happens during February & June of every year. Thousands of piligrims visit during this period to witness such holy event.

As per Sthala Purana, the temple is constructed by Lord Indra who is the King of Devas. The mythology as follows.

Lord Indra once visits Lord Uma Maheshwara Temple, but Lords gate keeper Nandi will not allow Indra as its too late for visitors, Indra gets angry & tries to get in forcefully, Nandi hits him very hard that Lord Indra flies into the sky & falls into the earth. He suffers severe body pains & that time Lord Indra worships Lord Surya to please him. Lord Surya(Sun God) gets pleased,  all the wounds of Lord Indra gets cured through Sun's rays. Lord Indra then requests Lord Surya remain on earth to help people from various cures. Which eventually takes shape of Surya Devalayam in Arasavalli.


Surya DevalayamPeople who has visited this majestic temple has witnessed the blessings of God in various ways. They witnesed an immense positive energy after this temple visit. This most powerful Sun's rays happened to cure many diseases that science could not answer. In today's world many societies are survived through solar energy. Many green projects are developed through Sun's rays. In a nutsheel the whole of life is survived by Sun. The baby born child after he/she comes out of mothers womb first needs an emitting light before he/she needs mothers milk.


In Ramayan it is said that Lord Vishnu's incranation Lord Rama gets tierd after so many days of battle with Ravana. Then Aghatsya muni suggests to recite Aditya Hrudayam Sotam to Lord Rama. And then he defeats Ravana. Aditya Hrudayam is widely available in You Tube one of below link has some popularity


Surya Devalayam

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