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My Journey towards PMP


Glad to announce that I am now PMP certified. Having many years of experience into the Project Management was never desperate of doing PMP certification till this point of time. The preparation for exam has been a great journey there were some great lessons learnt during this period helped me to reassess various situations of my previous projects with suggested techniques in PMBOK what could have been done to improve the situation

For every achievement there should be a road map, in case PMP certification no different, a 40 PDU crash course would only give you chance to appear for the exam but this won't be sufficienct to pass this exam, have spent so much of time investigating finally I arrived with plan even thru' its not the 

Ram PMPbest but worked for me. Hope this works for many other PMP enthusiasts too.I am adding this post with an intent to help guide many PMP exam seekers. As matter of fact passing the PMP exam is not very difficult you just need little dedicated time about 4hrs everyday contineously for atleast a month & thats it you will be through. 

Here is my preparation steps:

  1. Head First PMP-  Read almost all the topics in book, author tries to engage readers through lot of graphics but I felt the book is still not concise enough very good for beginners
  2. PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulchay ebook available HERE (this is a scanned version, I recommned to buy original book instead if you are not on tight budget)
  3. Free Mock tests
    1. Head First Labs - Got 60% first attempt, 80% in second attempt
    2. PM Study - Got 66 % first attempt, 78% second attempt
    3. Oliver Lehmann  - 60% first attempt
  4. Its almost end of June haven't yet fixed exam date, but I want to appear for exam sometime during July, I opted for below paid tests, during first week of July I fixed the exam date as 12th July. I am little nervous that my scores were not upto the standards I am doing lot of google to find best mock exams, where I am across PM Prepcast which is a turning point
  5. Paid Tests
    1. PMP Question Bank by Fahad Usmani comes with downloadable 400 tests in word doc , these questions are short & little tricky there are few repeated but I think its work what I paid for (4 USD). In these exams I scored 66%
    2. 8 Simulator tests by PM Prepcast price is 125 USD at time of my purchase . The scores were between 60% - 78%, and 70% in ITTO I know that I didn't reach the benchmark 85% but the confidence level boosted since the last 3 exams where the scores where consistent 75 I know I am right in there. What I liked about these tests is that the difficulty level , the situational questions are superb! there has been many ambiguous, where more than 1 answer seems to be right, which got me wrong I was little concerned about these. Thank God! didn't come across many such during the real exam. I appeared for 1 test each day except one particular day I did 2 tests as I am not happy with the first test score, where as the second test score even worst. I have spent significant time in reassessing each tests what went wrong this learning helped me lot. July 10th I am done with all 8 tests the aggregate was 72% still below the standard. However as per PM Prepcast stats there were about 75% passed candidates whose scores between 70% & 75% . These stats helped me gain confidence. July 11th I attempted ITTO ( 70%) & Quiz (74%)
  6. While doing the tests I have covered few topics of PMBOK 5th Edition, ebook is available at
  7. 50 secrets pdf seems worth as last minute preparation

And finally a day July 12 has arrived woke up little early than other days, before leaving for exam just glanced through some of main pages in PMBOK as suggested in 50-Secrets-of-the-PMP-Exam-White-Paper.pdf , I appeared for the test just like the way I appeared for simulator exams. Unlike many people said that the exam center allow to write the formula during first 15 mins training, but the exam center where I wrote did not allow me instead I wrote after I begin the test, and hence the pace was little slow many are about 1 paragraph followed by question, first 100 questions answered just over 2 hrs, then I increased the pace in next 100 concentrating the last sentence then going back as needed. I completed the test with 10 mins remaining. Last 10 mins I reviewed and changed my mind in answering 1 or 2 during the review. That's it! time up message, then a wait cursor, then asking for exam center feedback and then the final message Congratulations!! It feels so great in seeing such message. I know a little more preparation could have ended up with more Ps however I am now PMP Certified

Wish you best of Luck!!!

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